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Vega series 140cmx140cm Acrylic on canvas


Acrylic on canvas ca 240x375cm

The Sun and the Moon for You

This large scale work offers the viewer a continually transforming viewing experience, revealing new scales of activity and illusion as you get closer. It has symbolism from several world views that tend to hop in and out of focus, for me at least. There are really no rules though.


40x50cm Acrylic on canvas

Nameless painting

A domestic scaled painting with a light touch.


220x220cm Acrylic on Canvas

Rising from the sleep-state

The delicate surface of this painting is quite unusual. I have had this very large painting in a very small room for some years, it makes the room seem larger.


Acrylic on canvas ca 35x25cm

Like Fruit

A bit of an eye dazzler, this piece. Despite it's small stature it packs a real punch and remains visually fizzy.


300x220cm Acrylic on canvas

Fjellstad series

A large format painting that, whilst creating a shallow depth to delve into, has some playful mark-making that springs into the viewers' space.

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Slow films

I have made films, mostly about buildings but other subjects like boat building and painting are there too, with original music. There are 190 or so films, the channel has over 5 million views.

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