Home and Studio Address: Fjellstad, Øsbyveien 20,  3520 Jevnaker, Norway.
UK studio address: Unit 18, South Square, Thornton, Bradford, BD13 3LD.
Norwegian VAT reg. no: 983388728MVA

Born 1970 in Cheltenham, England 
Resident in Norway since 1994 
1988-9 Gloucestershire College of Art and Technology, Cheltenham, Diploma in Fine Art. 
1989-92 Wimbledon School of Art, London. Fine Art Painting B.A.(Hon's).
1994-5 Norwegian timber house construction. 

Member of: 
Norwegian Union of Artists
Young Artists Society (Norway).
National Association of Painters (Norway). 

Board Membership: Norwegian Union of Artists 2009-11 (vara).

• 2003 Christian Lorch Schive og hustrus legat.

• Wimbledon School of Art, London.
• BHS Bank, London. 
• Vega Council, Norland, Norway. 
• Painswick Hotel, Gloucestershire. 
• Idèverkstedet, Hønefoss.
Bradford City Hall, UK
Jevnaker Vannverk
Jevnaker Aetat
Various private collectors in Norway and UK.

Book cover - Øyeblikkets under Thich Nhat Hanh, 2005 Emilia publishing. 


2014/15 Epiphany gallery, Wakefield, UK.
2008 Art Farm Fjellstad, Jevnaker, Norway. 
2007 Art Farm Fjellstad, Jevnaker, Norway. 
2007 Rakkestad Art Society. 
2004/5 Palett, Hønefoss. 
2002 Jevnaker Art Society, 
2001 Courtyard Arts Centre, Hereford, England. 
1999 North Norway Centre of Art, Svolvær, Lofoten Islands. 
1997 The Peoples Musèum, Vega, North Norway 
1996 Vika, 8980 Vega. 
1996 Town Hall, Brønnøysund. 
1994 Prema Arts Centre, Uly, Gloucestershire. 

2015 “Chionodoxa (Glory of the snow)”,Cupola gallery, Sheffield UK.
2014 Epiphany gallery, Wakefield.
2009 Jevnaker days, local artists.
2008 “Art Directly West”, Jevnaker/ Arena Vestfossen.
2007 “Art Directly West”, Slemmestad/Jevnaker. 
2004 The Prison Cultural Trust, Hønefoss. 
2003/04 North Norway Annual Exhibition, Nordland, Troms and Finnmark counties. 
2002 Drøbak Society of Art, “Summer Show”. 
2002 Hønefoss  150 Year jubilee exhibition. 
1999/2000 International Centre of the Arts, Oslo. “Glokal Art in Norway”. 
1996 Kunstnernes hus, Oslo. “Norwegian State’s 112. Annual Exhibition”. 
1993 Leicestershire Arts Council, Peterborough. 
1992 Whitleighs, London NW1. “Art for Sale” Organised by The Guardian.  
1989 “Mageri” Mixed Media Exhibition. Finsbury, London EC 1. 

2013 With Morwenna Catt "MENAGERIE" , South Square Gallery Thornton, Bradford.
2010 With Bjørnulf Dyrud «to bra» Branbu Art Society, Branbu.
2009 "Ms Perceptions" Internet event with 808 and Roxanne Brousseau-Félio, for the opening of her exhibition,Shenkman Arts centre Ottawa Canada.
2008 "Ship of Fools- Ship of Hope", with spreadart and 808,Yarra Sculpture Gallery, Abbotsford, Australia.
2008 Soo Soo Galerii, Tallin, Estonia.With SpreadArt Artists.
2007 808 project, web-based live art event: Rhonda Schaller Studio in NY, USA.
1999 «Vega through 10 000 years» Digital Art project. 
1993 Mercury House, London EC3. For Mercury telecommunications. 
1992 Wimbledon School of Art, London SW17 «1992 Degree Show». 
1991-2 Spayhawk Building, London SW 17.«Art for corporate spaces». 
1991 BHF Bank, London EC 1. 
1990-1 Wimbledon Library Gallery, London SW 17. «Students of Wimbledon 
School  of Art». 

• 2004/5 "Innhentet" Hærmændene, props. 
• 2004/5 "Solen er Blå" Theatre group Fritt Fortalt, video. 
• 2001 "Stille og Rolig" Det Åpne Theater, video. 
• 2000 "Miranda's mirakel" Kraft scene, video. 
• 2000 "St. Hallvards valg" Brage Theater Drammen, props. 
• 2000 "Den lille prinsen" Nord Tronderlag Theater, video. 
• 1997 "Stormen" Theater ad Libitum, props. 
• 1993 "The Way" Kraft scene, London, Music composition and performance. 

• 2011 «Vortex nexus», improvisational pieces.
• 2011 «Guira» Original folk songs and improvisational works.
• 2010 «Puddle of muddle», collection of compositions for dancing.
• 2009 «Movements and Moments» improvised music.
• 2003  "Case in Point" improvised music. 
• 2000/2001  "Queen to K9" improvised music. 
• 2000 Vega, studio collaboration with Nils Hilmar Gulsvåg. 
• 1999/2000 collaboration with Bjørnulf og Kjerstin Dyrud. Folk music, drums, flutes. 
• 1997 Vega, collaboration with  Dag Marius Hestvik, percussion pieces. 
• 1996 Brønnøysund town hall, with Arve Heløy. 
• 1991 Cannizzaro park, London, "The Way" dance piece by Inger Astri Kobbevik, 
composition and performance. 

• 2003 "Innhentet" A play by Marit Solbu. 
• 2001 "Stille og Rolig" A play by Marit Solbu. 

Wooden House Building and Restoration:
• 2008-14 Various Historical restorations, including a 14th Century timber frame- house in UK, barns and log houses in Telemark,  Ringerike and Hadeland, Norway.
• 2006-8 Granli, Onsaker Jevnaker. Historical restoration. 
• 2005 Paus, Østre Jevnaker. Historical restoration. 
• 2004 Roenseter, Nordmarka. Historical restoration. 
• 2004/6 Barn conversion, Fjellstad, Jevnaker. 
• 2002-3 Historical restoration of 19th century Trønderlån, Åsa, Ringerike. 
• 1998-2002 Historical restoration of sveitserstil laftehus; Kvinde, Jevnaker. 
• 1999 Permaculture design project, øko-laftehus (timber house). 
• 1998/9  lafter (timber house builder) Wøien Bygg og Lafte verksted, Gran. 
• 1995-98 Historical restoration of 19th century Norlands house, Myra, Vega.