Timber house repair and restoration

This 9 ton building is effortlessly lifted back up onto its' pilars, from which it fell, in a storm. Complete with fully repaired walls and floor. 


Old-school materials and techniques, linseed oil paint, timber walls, timber frame walls with paper insulation. All naturally breathable, low toxicity, with high insulation value. This photo shows the tiles being laid. 

Repair, Renovation, Restoration

A high concern for heritage conservation, specialisation in integrating traditional building techniques with modern lifestyle conventions,  result in timeless and durable homes, regardless of their age or state of disrepair.  


Swiss Style (Arts & Crafts) Extension 2023


15th Century Hall 

Oak timber-frame

This is the oldest house I have worked on, dating from the Tudor period. Repairs were made to the frame that restored the structural integrity of the building after it was jacked up to its' original symmetry. All new timber was not fully integrated with the old to keep them distinct, old from new.  


Penbridge UK

After Renovation

A UK based company made the new roof after timber-frame repairs were completed.

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